The famous parody of needing the experience to be able to apply for a career and needing a career to so that you will gain experience is solved at Growth Bus.

Our internships are designed so that you will have exposure in the full Digital Marketing World. The internships have been designed so that you will work in different areas every month. The schedule will follow the below;

  • Month 1 - The intern will begin handling Market Research for companies.
  • Month 2 - The intern will be taught how to go about Keyword research and will begin drafting full lists for clients.
  • Month 3 - The intern will begin participating and helping in the drafting phase of Marketing Strategy.
  • Month 4 - The intern will be exposed to the SEO procedure and by the end of the month will carry out SEO checks
  • Month 4 - The intern will be taught how Search Engine advertising works and will be expecting to take care of minor accounts
  • Month 5 - The intern will be exposed to the coding side of Digital Marketing
  • Month 6 - The intern will have a choice of which field he/she would like to pursue for the month

After the sixth month, the intern will repeat the schedule and will be expected to be more efficient. At the end of the internship, we will be open to the possibility of recruiting the intern on a full -time basis.

If you are interested in joining the Growth Bus Internship programme, simply fill in the form and we will contact you!

Internship Programme Application