The Decisions Behind Choosing Social Media Channels

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques
November 10, 2018
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December 5, 2018
Social Media Channels

There are many social media channels available and we have to weave through all of them and find the ones that give the best value to our business.

Target Audience

Choosing your social media channels is just a part of the digital marketing strategy. You should always begin with the fundamental question; Who is going to use my product or service?
Your first decision should be whether your product or service is going to be aimed at the general public or to business customers. Therefore, you should choose between focusing on a B2B or B2C target audience.

Keep on narrowing down your target audience and add specifics such as their income bracket, their shopping habits, their media habits, their reputation as a company (B2B) or their rate of technological adoption. Some larger companies have around 10 different target audiences, each having a different strategy. That will be your goal in the long-run.

Customer/Client Expectation

It is important to deliver messages in places where your target audience expects them. Find out which channels your competitors are using and which are the most successful. Once you find social media channels that are more responsive to products or services similar to yours, begin focussing on those channels.

If your product is new or you still did not research your competitors, you can begin with the basics; Linked In for B2B and Facebook & Instagram for B2C

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Certain businesses try and have a page on each social media channel, which is great because a greater presence gives more leads. The down-side to this strategy is that one must measure the resources and amount of time required to create original content, posts and actual engagement.
We have stumbled upon many social media channels of companies whose latest post dates a few years back. That does not give a good first impression. Therefore choose the right amount of social media channels and focus on getting it right. Sometimes having just one updated channel will give you more leads than 3 outdated ones.

Advertise or Stick to Organic Content?

We never advise on going cold turkey on either one. If you have spent a good amount of time on a well-researched article or have an image or video that is relatable to your target audience, go ahead and boost it for the day. In the meantime, launch another organic post so that any viewers visiting your page as a result of the boost may look into the next post as well.
In the next articles, we will tackle each of the top 3 social media platforms in both B2B and B2C sections as well as focus on content that you should be creating and posting.